Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter / Ostara

I am struggling creating a Day of the Dead item for Society of Eclectic Halloween Artist April Theme.
But I wanted to stop in and wish you all and Happy Easter/Ostara Day!

I love the eggs, chicks and rabbits that have become symbols of Easter and how it makes children happy. I like the candy too!
I silently smile as churches do Easter egg hunts, that these symbols are pagan symbols of rebirth and new life. The name Easter is derived from Oestar, a goddess of spring and renewal.
The rabbit or hare was the symbol of new life, the date for Easter is determined by the moon.
So, Easter Sunday, if you go to an Easter sunrise service, hunt for colored eggs or eat marshmallow bunnies, remember you are indulging in pagan rituals that celebrate fertility and the advent of springtime!


  1. LOL! I love how you put things Lynda! If they only knew how many of their Christian holidays/celebrations are actually Pagan in origin!

    Love the kitty peeking out of the egg :-)

    Receive my package and LOVE them!! The Equinox is even better in person and I love the others so much! Thank you!

  2. I just love that kitty! Didn't you just awhile ago complain that you couldn't create anything? Couldn't get started? Well, look what you've done for Ostara! Thanks also for the facinating story...I may get educated yet if I keep hanging around here!

  3. Loce this one!!! Sooo cute!!! Happy Ostara hon!! I will be indulging in peeps and chocolate bunnies.... soon!!! BB, Sarah

  4. Very cute little bunny Lynda!