Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch for a give away soon!

Soon, very soon my friends I will be hosting another GIVE AWAY!!!!
Let me go shopping in my room of creations to see what I can find.
Halloween is coming soon... real soon!
I think I will look for something special that needs a welcoming home
Shall it be a painting, a gourd ornie or something in between?!?!?
So many decisions!

Going alittle nuts today.... cutting and freezing bell peppers...if I see another green pepper I'm going to scream! What! There's a whole garden of peppers waiting for me! Oh my!


  1. LOL Lynda...I love bell peppers!!! Too cool here this summer not a single one!!
    Whooo hooo will stay tuned!!! Hugs, Sarah

  2. I'll keep a watchful eye on this blog so I don't miss the fun. I love green peppers but alas they don't grow well here either. You will love having them this winter I'm sure.

  3. Oh yay! Can't wait. I ADORED those candlesticks MarZel won.