Monday, September 13, 2010

Blogging! Face Book Halloween Groups! Oh My!

Oh My! Oh Meeee! I just can't keep up!
I heard Blogging is becoming obsolete! Could it be true....Noooo! I hope not!
With all the social networks I just can't seem to keep up....please forgive me!
I guess I have a Twitter page....? I guess I have forgotten the password....hmmmm.
I have a Facebook under my name. Thinking I should try to make one for Haunted Swamp....?
I have this Blog which suffers.
And Halloween art groups on Ebay ... and other places?

I think I am coming down with a case of brain farts....thats foggy head to anyone else!
I haven't even gotten back into the art room. Well except to list a few things that have been completed. To tell the truth I am always thinking I can pull it all together. Then something happens and I'm once again days lost, in a fog....
I can't sit for long, hurts the back of my see... I had a total Knee replacement and it has set me back.... way back!
But I promise...yes another promise! I will do something with my blog at least once a week.
But for now I would like to share my little gouldlings I found in the swamp!

These that are shown are on Ebay now. There are others on my store if you can't wait for bidding!


  1. Lynda I looove your new little cute!!! I am so with you..I just can't seem to keep on top of it many places to be. I cut back in a huge way this way..and refused to tweet LOL. Now everyone is working on being published...ackkkkkk..I still love to or out...I am still all in!!
    Sending healing to your back hon!! Hugs, Sarah

  2. LOL, LOL! I know exactly what you are talking about!