Friday, June 3, 2011

A Haunted work in progress WIP

Someone is always did you do that?
So here is a picture... or two of a WIP

I didn't think of taking a picture until his head was painted.
But I had another Cannon ball gourd that was clean that said it would stand in for a photo opp!

So two years ago I planted a gourd seed. Watered it, fed it, and let it soak up a summer of sunshine. As the season drew to a end a frost came... gourd growing season was over. It was picked and put on a drying rack to wait out the long winter. It was snowed on, rained on, frozen and thawed and snowed on again. The days got warmer.. and dryer. Then one day it was dry enough to get a bath, this probably was near June of the following year.
It was soaked, scrubbed and bleach bathed then left to dry again. Up on a high shelf it was placed and almost forgotten...............
Then one day after much gourd brain washing...pssst, pssssst hey, Lynda up here! Paint me! Paint me!

The wood was meant to be a candle holder... until I bought it! I glued it to a square of wood to give it a good 'foot'. Drill a hole in gourd head....Please make sure you drill BEFORE you paint!

Nothing worse then painting a gourd ad cracking it when you drill!

Glue the rod into the gourd hole. I also drill a hole down into the wood. Glue rod and head to your wood (body).

Looked alittle plain...We can't have that!
Add some ribbon or crepe paper or tinsel or..........
And that is how a Haunted Swamp Gourd is born!

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