Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Got the Paint Brushs out!!

Got the paint brushs out..even managed to get them in paint! It's the starting the takes me the most time. Once I 'get started' everything begins to flow. I had several ACEO backgrounds done, so I started on them first...WOW I have almost completed 7. I am doing blue winter landscapes at this time. While cleaning the brushes I discovered I use 9 paint brushes on the ACEO's! Who would of known that it takes (me) that many different brushes to paint something so small!??
Feeling good about getting something done!...Lynda


  1. LOL! I know about the many brushes deal!

  2. sounds like your having a productive time once you get in there and start. If I counted the brushes rolling around on my desk I would probably lose count lol!
    Winter moon is really pretty, I am missing aceo's so will have to find the time to fit them in. Looking at your makes me want to do small scale landscapes. :)