Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sqeaking Closet Door - Closing the door once again

Take a minute and read this....think about these words, these are not my words but they do speak for me. They ring so true that they are humbling.
I have many friends of many faiths... seems they all can except others religions but are all so wary of one....
I have been more 'open' the last year or so, not all of it has been welcomed. Not all has been negative, but..... I am tired. It was just so much easier when 'others' had no clue, or maybe they did but held a blind eye to it. Many people can lend a blind eye....don't ask, don't know, just keep wondering........

The open practice of paganism often invites criticism, ridicule, potential loss of job, social ostracization, and even bodily harm - while the open practice of Christianity more likely encourages a positive popular response.

As the saying goes, "it doesn't take a rocket scientist" to realize that, for many people, "passing" as Christian can significantly simplify their public life. And, although this deception may be offensive to the purist, it is generally not very difficult for the closet pagan to participate in most ostensibly Christian practices.


  1. Sad yet very true. My Beloved is waaay more open about not being Christian than I am. NOT something I discuss or mention while at work.

    Glad you opened the door enough for me to find a kindred soul.


  2. Happy you shared Lynda, I only worry about myself I truly believe in live and let live. The song playing is one of my favorites, I have not heard this version I feel in love with it as sung by Simon and Garfunkel

  3. I always feel better after coming to your blog Lynda. This time of the year can be so overwhelming for those of us who walk the path of the ancient ones.

    In light and love~