Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windy!!!! I have been busy....Yippy!!!!

Well all my little Bloggers...with dropping temps and wind....I feel like Todo in Kansas....I sure hope the house don't land on me!!! Oh No!!!!!

I have been busy with some remodeling in our basement...hubby tears it up - I clean it up! But in the end it's gong to be great!

I have been eyeing a large concrete block wall down there....hmmm I think I am going to paint trees on it! More on that as I go. First things first... get the remodeling done! Then that wall is mine! All mine! I will take pictures as I go...but for now I have to wait. Heavy sigh......

I have been listing-listing-listing necklaces on Etsy! All types, all colors and all with FREE EARRINGS!
So if you have a minute please visit my Etsy store and take a peek. Let me know what you honest! Please!

And...drum roll please!!!! Drummmdrumm drumdrumdrum....
My website is up! Still need tinkering with but it up and running with buttons to PayPal!!!!


  1. Whooo hooo Lynda lots of great things happening your way!! Can't wait to see the remodel pictures and what you do with your block wall. Both are going to be great I'm sure! Sounds like your having a great week.


  2. Sounds like a fun time painting in your future. I have done one wall and that was for my granddaughter, fun!

  3. OOoOHhHH! The wall was so bad with cement splatters that I have been uning a grinder to get the lumps off! Men!!! Making a hugh mess too...cement dust everywhere! So while I am at it we are plastering the other walls and getting them ready for paint!
    What have I gotten myself into!!!