Monday, January 4, 2010

The WALL .. My Forest!

My dream, My Wall! I now have brought the outside into my basement making it a nice place to be! Come with me a view the journey of painting my 'wall'. I hope you enjoy it!

I started on a empty canvas, a 22 foot long concrete block wall. Had a take a grinder to it to knock off lumps. Still left it pretty rough! Oh and UGLY!


Painted! Starting to add the ground.
I used Bear Primer and Paint all in one. The background is a creamy beigh-yellow. There are lighter areas (white washed with white) which the camera does not pick up.
The earth paint colors are two different browns. I blended the earth into wet background. This made many different browns!

Placing the front trees. This is the challenge! Make sure it is off don't want one of your focal points centered! Make this the darkest tree!

Now trump through the woods for three hours with your brother because you both have this crazy idea of a real (dead) tree in corner!
This is my hubby in picture not my brother!
Drag it (by pickup truck) home and... OMG will it fit though the door!!!??? With lots of twisting and turning it did... barely!

Cut to fit!



  1. Very pretty! Your post reminds me of a quote from the movie "Mixed Nuts..." [Felix: I'm a WALL artist and some day I will have a wall!] hehe, I'm glad you found your wall ^_^

  2. That is gorgeous, and it looks like so much work!

  3. Lynda, very pretty!! Love it!!


  4. I love how you extended the painting onto the ceiling also...looks great!!

  5. Love the mural! You are so talented!

  6. How I love and embrace your vision, dead tree in corner and all. And what a sweet hubby to drag it in for you. Can't wait to see more here. Love your fantastic site and artwork! Stay spooky, sistah!

    ^ ^
    o o
    = vv =

    - Ellie