Thursday, January 21, 2010

WOW! Where did it go!!!

WOW! Where has the time gone??? I missed Wishcast Wednesday....I didn't even relize today was Thursday!
I haven't been listing on Ebay....sort of feel like it flogging a sleeping dog.
Face it, everyone is watching their money! Who can say I blame them.
I am happy everyday that when my husband goes to work he's not sent home layed off!

I have been taosting my brain, maybe one of you could help me?
I am going to open a second store on Etsy for my just don't fit into the Haunted Swamp Designs Etsy store.

I have come up with several names: WhisperingWind, WillowMoon, MoonWillow, WhisperingWillows, WillowMoonDreams... all have been taken. I am searching for a name that is calm and soothing and doesn't state that I am selling any one thing... like HauntedSwamp does.

So please if you have a idea please comment.

My brain is soooo cooked!


  1. Hi Lynda - Boy I'm not good at names but it seems like you really want "Willow" in the Name. How about Dancing Willows, or Wind in the Willows, or perhaps Willow Hollow.

  2. Yes, Willow would be nice , but if it don't work... Seems alot like willow in their name too. I did have my heart set on WillowMoon or WhisperingWinds. Willows are very graceful to me.

  3. Haunted Dreams? Haunted Willow Jewelry?