Monday, February 15, 2010

Have You Seen it!??

Have you seen it. Anywhere?
My Muse has run off and is hiding well, have you seen it?
I dare to ask, have you seen my Muse?
It ran off about September of 2009 and hasn't been seen anywhere!
If you see it please send it home!
I have looked everywhere!
Under rocks, in snow drifts.
Under the bed, only dust bunnies hiding there!
In the trees, the closet, even looked in my junk draw!
Have you seen it?
I have searched everywhere!
Please dear Muse come back to me!


  1. I think it is hanging out with mine, eating potato chips and getiing fat and lazy!

  2. While you are looking for yours, look for mine also!! Without my Muse, I just go through the motions...

  3. My muse had run off with yours, but it came back alone. Did you look under the sofa? That's where I found mine.

    Maybe if you set out some blue beads, it will come back.

  4. LOL, it appears that we are all having the same problem!! Eating potato chips, lol. Blue beads, hummmm, must try it!!!