Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!!

Just stopping in to wish everyone a wonderful winter!
We've gotten alot of snow...I think the weather man said we were to get 6-8 inches ,,,and we got more like 18 inches!!!!!! And it's snowing again! But I'm staying in....not going to hurt my knees any more then they are (for right now)!

Been having a hard time getting online...I am sort of off the main drag with OLD cable lines that are overloaded. Real slow moving internet....that is if yu can log on! It toom me 1 1/2 hours to enter three items on Etsy! Oh So Slow!!!

Which reminds me!!!!!! PLEASE go check out my NEW ETSY store!!!
Mello Moon Studio

Please check it out and heart me!
As jewelry expires on Hauntedswamp's page I will be moving them over to Mellow Moon....and adding others that I have here waiting for listing!

But for now... I have really been enjoying watching the snow fall. Now this will let you guys know I am crazy...or bored...? But about 7am go look out at the BEAUTIFUL snow (if you have snow) at that time in the morning it all looks blue and glittery!

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