Monday, May 17, 2010

MIA again!...... here's the story folks!

Ok I am MIA again! Been busy and side tracked!
We know Daph won those gourds...and they arrived!
Hope Daph shows us what she is going to do with some of them...and no, silly me did not take a picture of them...thought about it after they were gone!
Let's all visit her blog...

Now on another note... My sister has been visiting from Montana.. keeping me busy!
And maybe some haven't heard but I think I have a evil person in my neighborhood. Three of my outdoor cats have been poisoned and one is still missing for 2 weeks now, presummed dead. R.I.P. Merlin, Ms Kitty, Little Bit, and Punky
Also a tragic event.... I would really-really-really hate to think this but I think someone poured amonia in my pond...42 goldfish and Koi dead. I had water tested..... high amonia level... hmmm nothing I did...then I found a empty amonia bottle in weeds. Why would someone do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then to add insult to injury... something (varment) chewed holes and busted a bunch of my dry gourds! But I was one up on that critter! The grandkids and I sorted out egg gourds yesterday afternoon and made 5 bags of 30-dirty gourds! Which will be going on Ebay soon I hope!
Oh and we sorted 2 dozen nice/same sized egg gourds too! They are beauties and dirty! LOL!


  1. That is truly a disgusting, evil thing to do! I feel so badly for you. I hope whoever did all those evil things is caught and that you prosecute them, 'cause they are sickos!

  2. I am so sorry Lynda about your kitties and Koi! How someone could be that cruel is beyond me. I hope they are caught and prosecuted. If nothing else, I hope Karma catches them and deals out some retribution.

  3. Goodness Lynda! They are evil!

    BTW, I have an award for you on my blog come and get it!

  4. Ooooo Linda, I am so sorry to hear about your kitties and fish!! What an awful thing, I can't believe that people do these types of things!! We had a neighbor once that accidently poisoned my cat by leaving antifreeze out for skunks, to say the least I wasn't impressed at all on either account when I found out and he stopped when I confronted him, I swear some people don't have the brains they were born with!!


  5. I gave in and made a police report. They confirmed my neighbor is crazy without saying it and she don't like me....gee wizz I knew that! LOL! Funny statement they said to me....get a picture of her in your yard and we will get her for criminal trespass....makes me wonder if they know more then they are telling?