Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think I can....I think?

Well what a month...June aready?! Holy Moly where does the time go?
Well I know my time is all messed up....I'm on drugs! What! You ask... she's a druggy!!? Oh No!
These are all perscription... don't worry! But they do have a way of putting me in "a fog".

I have been sorting gourds. Planting gourds. Thinking about painting gourds. Wondering what I am ever going to do with all these gourds.........

This year I have had some bad luck germinating those gourds! But, I found some little seedlings growing out near the edge of the swamp (like how I tossed that in!). This will be a surprise gourd crop this year! I have a feeling they are eggs and mini spinners. But, hey! Who knows!

Trying to get so much done before surgery! I think I'm just going to give that idea up!
I did get the little gourdies transplanted, a few tomatoes, yard long and pole beans planted. I also planted two grape vines in the gourd arbors. Catnip is now fenced completly in.... we had a bunce of very high, stagering, rolling cats in the yard. My poor plant was nothing but a stub!
Got some new fish for the pond. How can 40+ feeder goldfish dissapear? Figure I'ld start with a 'few' and see how many grow.

And everyone that has been asking.... (THANKS FOR ASKING) Yes, I am in Ohio. Yes, I am fine. Tornados have been sliding south and north of us. We are getting some high winds and lots of rain. Rain is good, because I don't have to drag my hose out to water. Draging that hose is a drag! But dear Hubby has to mow more.... man is that grass growing fast!


  1. So glad to hear that you dodged the tornados! Sounds like you have been extremely busy! Take a break and enjoy what you have done.


  2. Glad the tonadoes missed you! They certainly aren't anything to be messed with.

    Hugs XX

  3. So glad you are doing okay! Tornados scare me to death.