Monday, June 14, 2010

My Count down...starts now!

This is my count down........on July 13 I will disappear for a little while.

I just now, as in just today realised I will be down and out as Halloween listing time approaches!

Trying to get a few things lined up...and...oh girls this is the good part.... get hubby trained to list, wrap, and send items....? That is ship then if I have any sale!

I don't want to shut either of my Etsy stores, so what's a person to do!

Hubby is all worried I'll die! OMG! I am much to rotten to die!

Then he says...I know you are going to fall down and break something when you have to use that walker... Yes, ok I will admit I am a klutz.

I gave in and got a cane over the weekend, he insisted. Geeezzz men! But it is's got a interesting blue design. I feel weird out in the public using it....blah!
SO now I must run and try to get some things done. Things that will bug the heck out of me if they are left..... undone!


  1. It is sweet that hubby is worried about you. You will get everything finished up before your surgery. Give your body the time that it needs to heal. We will miss you and be here when you return. Looking forward to your posts before your surgery. Sending you lots of energy!


  2. I'm sorry, I hadn't heard you were having surgery. So I will be sending you healing vibes and I hope it all goes well. I'm sure it will. Hope you're up and back to your old self quickly. Take good care of yourself, Tammy

  3. My hubby was the same way, except I did almost die from a morphine overdose the night after the surgery. You will do fine with the walker and a cane is always handy.

    As far as hubby listing, wrapping and mailing...I shudder. Good luck!