Friday, October 8, 2010


Tonight's story comes to you from SEHA. Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists on Ebay.
This story begins as a group effort to create a story in 10 posts. One member will begin a story line, a sentence, a paragraph and another group member will add and build from that.
Sometimes a great story emerges!
I hope you enjoy tonight story!

The Old Barn
A very long time ago there was a old barn at the end of the lane. It is said to be haunted by a spirit of a young girl. Once when I was young we snuck off at night an went down to The Old Barn to see if we could see or speak to the Spirit. My older sister had borrowed her boyfriend's ghost hunting equipment, so we just knew we'd find out who the little girl was! The barn was creepy, with spiderwebs everywhere. But Sis didn't let that stop her. She pushed her way through the sticky webs to the large horse stall at the back of the barn. It was here that most of the sightings of a spirit were reported to have occurred. I helped my sis set up all the meters and gauges, and we got the video camera running. Suddenly, all the electronics went bonkers! There was squealing and chirping and lights flashing. I ask Sis if she had crossed some wires someplace, but she just shook her head no. We both stood there, staring at all that equipment, not knowing what to do next. When all of a sudden
a chill filled the air and the cobwebs began to flutter as a breeze blew past our cheeks. We were terrified so scared we couldn't move. Something was coming..something filmy and blue coming towards us down the old barn hallway. We could just see the blue haze floating towards us and feel the chilling cold running through our bones we started backing away as she kept coming closer...closer...closer...she held out her arm and pointed at us then she began to speak...she said...
"Come play with me. Please don't go."
As she drew closer she pointed up above our heads we all raised our eyes to look there way back in the shadows we could just make out the outline of a tiny skeleton hanging from a rope...I spoke in a whisper to my sister..."that must be her...why has no one ever seen that before..we must do something, you stay here and talk to her while I sneak over there to cut it down"...propped up on the far wall I spied a ladder...slowly I made my way to it...up I started to climb..I was almost to the top when this black form floated towards me the stench was unbearable I looked to the face and saw the glowing red eyes, it raised it's arm and knocked me from the ladder...down..down..down...
As I hit the floor with a thud I looked beside me and there in the dust layed the skeleton that just seconds ago we saw hanging!
The skeleton was small, and fragile and when it hit the ground, the bones scattered. A horrible howling filled the air, growing until we had to clamp our hands over our ears least we add our screams to the awful howling. The black shape grew until it seemed to fill the barn and the wind picked up, knocking over all our equipment. Suddenly, it stopped, and there was a pure bright light where the blue haze once was, and no sign of the black shadow. A sweet, young voice filled the crackling air as she said "thank-you for releasing me from the were both so brave" as she spoke the light grew stronger and stronger...she slowly faded away into the light the last thing we heard her say was "GOOD-BYE". My sister and I gathered our things together and off we went out the door to another adventure....

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