Friday, October 15, 2010

The Skeleon Key * Friday Night Ghost Story

From the members of SEHA!


On this dreary day even the sun would not appear. As I walked to the car from the gravesite a chill ran up my spine. I heard, or I thought I heard... it was almost a voice calling me.
As I looked back to where I thought the voice was coming from I saw a light mist forming.

I turned around for a better look. And right there before my eyes, an image was materializing! It was a woman who appeared to be dressed in clothes from a bygone era. Her hand was outstretched, one slim finger seemed to be pointing. Filled with fright I took a step back. And when I blinked my eyes, I was standing in a fog-covered marsh. I could hear chanting and other voices coming nearer, nearer, nearer.....

I shook my head, hoping the vision would go away. But when I opened my eyes there in front of me was the same woman who had materialized in the cemetery. Only now she appeared very much alive. She seemed to be trying to say something to me.
Just as I was about ready to turn and run I heard her say "The key! The key! You must find the key!"
I staggered backwards and my foot hit a stone box that was hidden in the tall grasses. I bent over to look closer. Bending over I reached for the box. Picking it up it felt light in my hands.
I looked around. Surprised at seeing a large black cat walking towards me. Around it's neck was a glimmering collar.
Taking the key from around the cats neck it ran beckoning me to follow. Stopping at the base of and aged oak tree the cat started pawing at the damp earth. A corner of a box appeared, grey and cracked with age.
I opened the box I had in my hand, the first one I had discovered and found a small shovel. I dropped to my knees and using the shovel, began to did out the old, aged box by the Oak tree. With the help of the cat, the box was soon unearthed. I brushed away the dirt that clung to the box's sides and lid. I saw the box had a lock. I wondered if the key the cat gave me would work in the lock. It did! Slowly I opened the lid. Inside was an old piece of parchment. I lifted out the paper and very gingerly opened it up to find written in a very shaky hand....

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