Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's time they left the nest!

It's time they left the nest. Selling some of my babies! No not my kids....hmmm that's a thought..... OK! OK!......Gourds! Gourds! Gourds! I have listed some of my egg gourds on Ebay. I hoard gourds....Yep, I a gourd hoarder. I just seem to not want to let go! After I start them from those seed....fuss over them, water them...yes, I even talk to them...oh I am not normal. We won't even go into the 'sex in the gourd patch'! NO! Not me! I go down into the gourd patch....down near the night! Spooky! And with a paintbrush I pollinate them. If they are not pollinated you get no gourd! Gourd only bloom at night. Sometimes I just grab that male flower and rip his little peddels off and..... scared yet? Search Hauntedswampdesigns on Ebay for these gourds!


  1. well aren't those interesting! :)

  2. The gourds pictured at the top and bottom have been sold and on their way to their new home!
    Thank you buyers!