Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just another day

Listed this over on Etsy

Between the rain and rumors of snow, running outside to bring my baby gourd seedlings in and everyday life, not much is getting done. Babies were in a cold frame and probably would have been OK...but.. better safe then sorry. I even had to bring a cold frame in! It was either that or the cats would have destroyed my babies.

You know I am getting things done, I have a little asembley line going painting gourds while dirty gourds soak in the tub.

Yes, I have been washing gourds! OH! How I hate washing gourds but, I can't get those lazy cats to wash them so it's up to me. As I said before...I am a gourd hoarder. I am trying to break this habit, really I am! I am painting more gourds, I sort of fell away from gourding and was hoarding! I have listed several batches of my egg gourds on eBay.... more gourds to come. Figured sell them and pay for this years seed, dirt and fertilizer. Gourds are heavy feeders. Have I bored you yet? OK! I will stop my rambling!

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