Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello... This week....... Turkey!

What a week...rain, rain.... and more rain. And it's just not any ol' rain, it COLD! I can go out and transplant in rain but not this stuff! But today the sun is peeking out... from between those clouds and I am going out to divide and transplant some Hostas!

I had to go out and tent some of my gourd plants. Between the cold and all this rain...... well they my catch cold!.... or rot!

But I think spring is here! Most trees are in full leaf, grass needs mowed again.

...And I am seeing some unexpected wildlife in my yard!
This morning a Wild Turkey was poking around!

If you are in need of some Haunted Swamp Egg gourds drop me a line or visit my EBay auctions!

Seller name.... Hauntedswampdesigns.

I am out of here...need to make more Hostas!


  1. Thank you for stopping by! I can't see where you live, but the weather has been crazy everywhere this year. I'm in Orlando and well......I won't tell you about our weather LOL!