Sunday, May 29, 2011 more day! Happy Weekend!

So did you? Did you join in to the give away?

It's the week end and rains has caused high humidy! I'm not a real lover of high temps or humid weather. But I'm not the type to be just sitting around vegging out, I need to be doing something! Spent the morning running. Sears, friends, gas station (ugh), found two dwarf cherry trees, and stopped for a cold coke too! Way to hot to plant them right now, they will wait...

I need to get som cleaning done in the pond. Hmmm hot day - cool water - jump in?
Need to cut down a 15-20 dogwood that just died. Had flowers and croaked.

And being it's a holiday weekend... it will wait too!

I have burgers and hotdogs to grill and deserts to eat so I must run!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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