Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family ....Wednesday's Ponder This

Yes , yes I was going to do a Ponder this on Mondays....but I was still pondering this, so today will have to do.

I have been wondering about family.
You choose your friends not your family.
I try to accept my family for who they are. I wish they could do the same for me.
Family's are treasure boxes for some, Pandora's box for others.
Can you choose your family? A family of friends?

I have always felt like a stranger in my family. Am I a stranger with genes similar to theirs... or am I a stranger? I have always felt this way, always since I can remember.

I think that maybe, just maybe as I was getting ready to be born that I was so excited that I was jumping up and down and fell into the wrong family.

My family has no idea what I am about. Don't you think that strange? They have no basic concept of my likes, dislikes or talents. But boy oh boy can they gather rumors and lies! What is sad, oh so sad is that they nourish themselves on this and never seek a truth. Some will even walk past me as if I were a stranger, can you believe that!

Are all families like this? Is yours?
So what makes a family? Genes? Can someone be 'born' into the wrong family?

One of my Mothers last words to me... grabbing my hand... Your life has all been a lie. Now what the hell did that mean!?


  1. Just vow to stay away from negative energy Lynda. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Family or strangers. Still you can feel pity for those negative entities. They are pitiful for sure. Your Mother may have been confused. I know my Mom said some strange things while she lay at my house her last few days. She may have meant "her" life had been a lie. Don't even try to turn bad energy to good. Just stay away from it. That's my advice.
    We all try so hard to make our families what we think they should be. We feel like we are a failure if our families are dysfunctional. They just are what they are, and NO one has a perfect one. Keep your friends, love who you want to love, and help each other get through this life, and learn to enjoy every minute we can. (this is what I'm working on) The truth will all be revealed in the end.

  2. Great post that ask many of the same questions I have had and I love Cindy's reply - good advice.

  3. Lynda, I think we are in the same situation. Excellent post, puts what I feel in to words. Keep your friends close, they are important. Family is just family and nothing we can do about them.