Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back....and with something new!

Well I'm back! Warning....if you go in for any stomach not cough!
Thanks to all of you wonderful people that sent healing thoughts and well wishes!

I got my brain cleared and listed this great Haunted Swamp House on Ebay last night!
I destroyed several gourds cutting just the right wedge in their bottoms to sit on top of the roof!
So.... this Halloween Gourd Head sits ontop ready to welcome you home! He he heeeee!

Lots of hours went into this one....tons of shading along with Spider webs, flying bats and Black Cats!
Take a look inside! There's Dancing Skelly doing his best 'Bone Rattle Dance'!
Here kitty, kitty, kitty...
Don't get too close! I think this guy bites!


  1. Oh Linda!!! WONDERFUL!!!! I looove it!!!
    So glad you are back and healing!!! Hugs to you!! Gentle ones!! Sarah

  2. Glad to hear you are back and healthy. Love the gourds

  3. Love the details Lynda!