Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day! Best intentions!

Everyday I wake with the best of intentions.....
My intention today? Get my Art/Computer room straightened out. Oh what I mess I have created!
My intentions yesterday? Get pictures taken of completed items... did I get it done? No! Not one!
I am going to do my best today to get something in this room done... I keep getting side tracked! That's why I am on here... got side tracked again!
I think I am going to make lables for EVERYTHING! I put things away and forget where away is!
One thing I have been doing is taking items into the area I take pictures....helps clear my Art room. Oh My do I have alot of completed things! \Part of me says....get it listed. The other voice in my head says...wait until closer to Halloween. OMG! I have a third voice saying...wait! Wait! List! List! List! Don't give it away - give it away and clear this room out. Yes, this voice argues with itself!
OK! OK! I have to go...I must do something in this room......


  1. I think you read my mind, especially about the part about listing, waiting, giving it away, must have something up, the grass needs cutting, clothes to wash, emails to answer! LMAO

  2. Lynda Now I know where my mind is, I thought it was lost but see you have it.