Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Spooky Stories #1

The crisp feel of fall is in the air..... Halloween is drawing near.
From now till Halloween each Friday I will post a spooky story for all to read!
Are they real stories? Only the spirits know for sure.
Todays spooky story is:

Behind the Tombstone

The old tombstone was begining to crumble, but it looked as good a site as any to set up. Aiden and Mark set the recorder on the ground between them and scanned the darkened cemetery with their flahlights. There wasn't a sign of a caretaker, and they hadn't really expected to see one given the dilapated state of the graveyard.

" Turn it on and let's begin" Aiden said. Mark flipped the recorder switch on, and Adins questioning began.

"Is there anyone with us tonight?" Nothing filled the silence except a slight scritch-scritch from somewhere behind the stone. Unperturbed, Aiden asked the next question.

"Can you you tell us your name?" Again the only sound was a scritch-scritch.

"Can you show yourself?" As before, just a scritch-scritch from behind the stone.

"Are you afraid of us?", asked Aiden. This time there was no Scritch-scritch,but the atmosphere suddenly seemed thick and malevolent. Neither young men noticed the towering dark shodow that rose from behind the tombstone until it was too late. The darkness swooped down and engulfed them until neither one could see the other, and just as suddenly, Aiden, Mark and the black shadow venished into the ground.

The next morning when the old caretaker showed up, he found a recorderlaying on the ground in front of the tombstone. He turned it on, and in the silence that followed each of Aiden questions, you could now here the following replies.

"Yes... I am always here."
"My name is never spoken by your kind, but it is very old."
"I'll show myself, but it is the last thing you'll ever see..."
"You are mine!"

The caretaker quietly pocketed the recorder, looking around to assure himself he was truly alone. He took the only evidence that anyone had been at the stone and tossed it in the pile with the rest back at the tool shed.


  1. Great Story, reminded me of the tales all of the kids in the neighborhood would tell after dark on the long, hot summer nights when I was growing up in Utah. Every kid in the neighborhood would gather in someones yard and we would tell stories until our parents called us home.

  2. Oooh! That is spooky! Good one. :)