Friday, September 18, 2009

The Inn

This Fridays spooky story is

The Inn

As we were preparing for a much needed vacation to visit a nice little town on the coast the sky was starting to darken. Looked like we were going to be driving right into a storm.

About an hour into our drive it started to rain. First it was just a sprinkle, suddenly it turned into a downpour! We had the windshield wipers going as fast as they could and they couldn't keep up!

As the thunder cracked and lighting filled the sky we decided to pull over somewhere and wait the storm out. We were in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly in a flash of lightening we noticed a Inn up the road ahead.

We pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a cozy farmhouse. It was so strange, the parking lot was empty. As we grabbed a few suitcases and ran for the front porch a kind-looking man, the innkeeper, he opened the door and invited us in. The soft glow of candles, the warm crackle of a fireplace made us feel at home.

We settled into our rooms and soon fell asleep. We woke the next morning to the sound of birds singing, looking out the window the sun was shinning.

Everything was so quite otherwise. We went downstairs and the room was deserted. Wanting to get back on the road we left money to cover our stay with a note thanking the innkeeper.

We drove a few miles and stopped to grab a bite to eat and get gas. The attendant starting chatting. "You didn't drive thought that terrible storm we had last night, did you?"

" Yes we did. But it got so bad we stopped at the Inn a few miles back and stayed the night."

The attendant turned and looked at us with a puzzled look. "You don't mean the old farmhouse up the road?"

"Yes, that's the place."
"Well that's impossible. That place burnt down last winter."

Not believing the man we drove back to the Inn we had stayed at the night before. There was no farmhouse, only the charred remains of what was once a farmhouse. Stepping out of the car to have a closer look, we stepped through where the front door once stood. There on the burnt remains of a table we were shocked to see our thank you note still sitting there!