Saturday, September 26, 2009


The ghost in the Alley

There was this alley way behind the old school. Everyone said it was haunted. Haunted by a young girl who was found murdered in that very alley. A vengeful soul the old folk say. Everyone avoided the small alley as dusk night fell.

Some say you could here screams at night if the wind was just right.

One night as a group of teens were out, they goated George, the new kid to go around back of the old building. He came running back ....saying he had seen a young girl standing there in the alley! He said hi, but she faded away! Everyone froze, no one said a word. George asked....because he was new to town, if anyone knew who she was, a look flash between them.

Maybe George had heard the stories?

Well if no one will answer me I'll go ask her myself.... away he went disappearing from sight. No one tried to stop him, no one really believed the stories.

Oh he'll just get scared and come running back they thought.

At that moment a horrible scream came from where George had disappeared to in the alley.
They all looked and huddled together in fear. Maybe George was just playing around trying to trick them?

They George. They called his George. Gathering up their courage they went , very slowly to the alley calling his name. They were met by a unnatural coldness and a blinding white light.

There they saw the body of George laying in a pool of blood, his throat had been ripped open. Above him hovered a semitransparent figure of a young girl blood dripping from her open mouth. She glared at the group of teens eyeing them. Letting out a howl she vanished in a brilliant flash of light.

George gasped his last breath and died. The teens ran....shaking, screaming! The police came to deal with the body and listened to the story of the the teen about the girl behind the school. So many witnesses, they were convinced that maybe the stories were true. There was a ghost behind the school in the haunted alley.


  1. Oh my sounds like the stories I heard as a child about a lady that was murdered in a house on the corner of the street I lived on, although no one ever got hurt.