Friday, May 8, 2009

Cats! Kittens! Catzzzzzz!

Wellllll.... More kitty news... I heard some wailing last night while watching TV...kitty cat cries.
I went to my back door and looked out, then looked down. There in the cold night, right in front of the door laid a newborn kitten, cold and crying! I want out to figure out what was going on! There in my cat house made from a rubbermaid tub was a very small cat giving birth to kittens! OH NO!!! No more cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went out this morning and clean out the cathouse, adding new clean bedding. 4 kittens and mama.....anyone want a kitten?


  1. Oh no! We have two feral kitty shelters under our deck for the barn cats (who don't seem to like the barn) but no kittens. I captured Sammie and Bella in 12/07 when their mamma brought them to my yard to eat. They were 3 months old already and taming took a while. But, they are the sweetest, most good natured girls I ever met. Good luck!

  2. Ohhh, I'm melting...poor little tykes.Lynda, you just told me the other day that someone needed to get the vet soon. Guess you were right!
    Mommy must have dropped one on the way to her shelter! She sounds like just a kitten herself..poor little love. Thank you for taking good care of her and her babies!

  3. The new mama is a kitten herself!
    My Mama cat has tree kittens that are about 8 weeks old! It looks like a kitten factory out there!