Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Witching hour!

Can you believe that May is coming to a end! It's only 5 months to Halloween and Samhain!
WOW! How time does fly! Getting my broom ready!!! LOL!
To get a head start on my favorite Holiday, and I hope your too. Please come visit (on Ebay) some fantastic Halloween Artists. Search SEHA ( Society of Eclectic Halloween Artist) and HA31 (A Gathering of Halloween Artists)! We are all here and celebrating Halloween all year!

Now I must get outside! So many things to do! The sun is shining! And it's going to be hot out soon....too hot to work! I like warm but I don't not like to get hot! I need to lay some bricks....or get ready to lay them. When it gets too hot I'll grab myself a nice tall glass of lemon ade (koolaid) and sit on the back deck with my outdoor kitties and swing, talk to my fish and tell myself how I need to get my butt inside and paint!

Oh my! I need to get these Morning glories planted....byeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. I am passing an award to you! stop by my blog to get it!