Monday, May 11, 2009

Painting! I'm painting!

What a beautiful day out....until I went outside! Brr cold, is winter trying to return!!??!!
Over the weekend we got a ton of yard work done....we keep trying to make yard work time simpler by redoing things for less labor intense future. Getting there slowly....ever so slowly!
But the last few days I have been making time to get the paints out! I have found the more I do this the more I feel like painting. I guess it's just getting into it that takes the time. And there's always 'something' else that needs done that creating is set to the side until it gets so far back that it's hard to get back to. And I have come down with a giant case of the dreaded "humm-drumms" Oh hummmm.
This morning I have reworked afew Halloween items, added a splash here and there. By splash I mean splatter of paint to some items. It was told to me that maybe some of my art is 'too clean'....I donno'. But I guess I can always give it a try.
I need to get my act together and get things listed and some cash flow going...... doesn't everyone! My cat family has grown and I need to visit the vet soon to be a responsable pet owner.... I just knew I should had gone to school to be a vet!

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