Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ponder this....

OK! OK! I jump around to all sorts of topics...cats, selling, giveaways, you name it. My mind doesn't stick one one thing, it wonders around. Most of the time half lost in another world.

Let me ponder this.... Books and TV seen by the general public!
JK Rowling / Harry Potter.. Charmed, OZ, and many more...
Oh! A good read! But are witches really like this? NO!
I am finding myself taking offence to books and movies that do this to us Pagans. The truth never comes out about us. Have you ever wondered why we are treated like demons, like scum, like trash.... TV and books.
No, we don't fly on brooms. No, we are not evil. No, I did not go to Hogwarts!
Perhaps a "Christian" has approached you in public with some crazy question about devil-worshippers and the like. I have found there is no good answer...they will continue to beleive their way...and that's OK.
At some point you are asked....If you don't worship the Devil, who do you worship? Hmmm very good question but here is where the trouble begins.
So many religions have strict...this is how you beleive rules. We don't.
We have a Rede..."And it harms none, do what thou will". Sort of like "thy shall not...."
Where do you go to Church? You are standing in my church... it is all around you!

But at times I may do harm....naughty me! Threaten a loved one ... and I may get mean! But I always remember the rule of three.....

Now you wonder why Pagans stay in the Broom Closet.
Know that your own inner spirit will help to guide you in your life journey.

Now did my mind jump around too much?


  1. So true, so true! Well stated Lynda!

  2. So true, so true!! Nature is my church and it is oh so beautiful!!

  3. Yes, I can agree...a church is only a building,and I don't need a building to worship.