Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog Give-a-Way Winner!!!!!

Ok putting all the names in a bag....
reaching in.....
got one.....
unfolding it....
and the winner is.....
Marzel of a Play of Light and Shadow!

Marzel I need your address now!

Thank you to all that signed up!!!!
I hope you had fun!!!
Watch for another Give-a-Way!


  1. OMG OMG OMG...ReALLY it is ME!! I WONT YOUR BEAUTIFUL Candle STICKS WOOOHOOOOO!!! ThANK YOU Lynda!!! THANK YOU!! I cannot wait to brag on my blog about them!!

  2. hi..just found your blog. i think you might like mine as well. i will be following you! sorry i missed your give away! is way tooo hot here...ugh!

  3. Marzel...congrats!
    I will have them in the mail Monday!

  4. Thank you!! Please stop by my blog to play in in all the giveaways and games...I am also giving away a $50 Michaels gift card and an art doll tomorrow...I would love to see you win!!!

  5. Hey there! Glad to have found you and your blog. Sorry I missed the contest. I've been around, but not much on eBay anymore following the advent of their new "rules."

    Good to see you again! I miss looking at pics of your gorgeous swamp.