Sunday, June 21, 2009


Raskis says:
I look innocent don't I? But when you look at the picture below you'll see how bad I can be! I....and my fellow house mates have been BANISHED from the Art Room when mom (Lynda) leaves! She kicks us out and closes the door! She even wakes us up as we snoze in the window to make us leave, how Rude!

Lynda says:
You're darn right you ain't staying in the room when I'm gone! Look at that mess...and this picture isn't showing all of it! Paintbrushes, packing peanuts, pens, mail,scrubbies, beads, gourds... even down the hall stuff was scattered everywhere! They....oh I am sure it was Raskis, even chewed the sequins off my flip-flops!
Spoiled kitties don't like me being out of the house so much with summer being here!


  1. He's at it again eh?
    I have one that likes my paint brushes. He will grab them by the bristles and pull them to the floor, and pretend they are snakes!

  2. LOL! Yours must be related to mine!

  3. LMAO Lynda - yikes very naughty kits!!!! Yes BANISH them from the art room. Love the flip flop chewing!! Giggle!! Hugs, Sarah