Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday already!

Monday already??!!!
Weekends just go by so fast!
I finshed my Saturday (in my last post) with a Bon fire and food! After finishing some pesky undone projects that were started and not finished a Bon fire with some family and friends is always a welcome way to end a day. Played some yard games until dark, sat around a roaring fire and cooked out and relaxed!
Now it's time to get something done...and wait until the next weekend!

I just listed this wonderful necklace over on Etsy.... I did have some thoughts of keeping it for myself! I love it!

Here's a peek of a dangle/bangle Pretty in Black's over at Etsy too!

So here I set...waiting for the weekend! Enjoy life it is short!


  1. Ohh Lynda - these are wonderful!!!! I love the moon!! Love them both!! BB, Sarah

  2. That would explain why I never saw the necklace on eBay! I'm going to have to go over to Etsy and check out your stuff! Both pieces are awesome!! Great work!!


  3. Yes, It's on Etsy! It's hard to figure out what to list where!

  4. Love that moon Lynda!

  5. Oh, a bonfire! You are so lucky! Love the moon necklace too!

  6. Lovely jewelry, and your art is awesome as always.