Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I won something...but from who???????

I have been searching and searching blogs! I won a gift and I don't know who to thank!
It is a doll with a cloth wrpped body. A glass glob head with a pumpkin. Has copper wire arms and about 3"tall.
Shipper lives on Cold Springs Road in CA.
I would like to say thank you..but to who!


  1. I do not know...WHOOOOO can it be??? Just WHOOOOO would send you a pumpkin doll??? I know WHOOO it is!! It is me...MarZel from www.theplayoflightandshadow.blogspot.com!!!!! I sent that a while ago...did you just get it?? Owl Mail is slow sometimes, huh?? Smiles.

  2. OH THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I've had it maybe 2 weeks (?) Been searching blogs forever!!!! Sometimes as I search I do get 'lost'. LOL!
    He is so neat! Even my hubby gave the comment "That's pretty cool" and a comment from him is like... well it's just something you don't get often!
    Thank you again MarZel and soory for the late 'THANK YOU'.
    I must figure away to keep better track of things... I have CRS...Can't Remember Sh*t.