Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work in progress * WIP

Here's something I'll share with you! I felt like I should post something. So here it is!

This is where it begins, well almost. This is one section of my gourd arbor (last year). This is where these gourds begin life...

We've skipped a few steps here..well we skipped a year!
The gourds have grown, dried, cleaned, base coated, some painting...and started a new life....a life of a Haunted Swamp Halloween gourd!

After many hours, sometimes days... in the end this is what they became!


  1. They're wonderful Lynda!

  2. Nice arbor for gourds Lynda :)
    I have grown them for a few years, but am thinking on doing so again.

  3. I love growing those gourds! Every year I ask myself...'Self, why are you growing more you have bunches already?' to myself I say ' Well you know... no matter how many gourds you have, you just never have the right one, the right size, the right type. And it fun to see what you get!'
    Hubby on the other hand says.... honey gourds are taking over...basement..garage... and right now the bathtub is full of penguin gourds (Lucky we have two bathrooms!) But he likes seeing them grow too!!! LOL!
    OK! OK! Honey I'll Ebay some raw gourds! LOL!

  4. What a beautiful arbor! Never knew how to do gourds-those are cool looking!!

  5. I love the gourds...but your arbor is beautiful!! Smiles atcha.

  6. This is such a great idea...I've never seen them on a arbor before. I wonder if they would do that here? Love it :)

  7. You can! Just make sure the ones you grow are the smaller ones like penguin, egg, pear, banana. Large ones: Bushel, Martin, Large Apple will be too heavy, they need to be on the ground.