Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009!

I survived!
I won't bore you with tons of pictures of people you don't know, so I only posted a few.
Was a great party....may have been the best one yet! We had over 60 ghosts, goblins, zombies, red hat ladies, Queens and Kings, a Nun, Uncle Fester, and Pop-eye came too! I could go on and on with this list! The weather was just right! Was worried because in the morning it was raining! I had to go out and talk to Mother Nature! Lot's of food, loads of fun. And the fun lasted well into the night. Parties are great, and the things that really make a party great are wonderful people who come together to celebrate and share their life with you!

Oh Great Pumpkin! Hail the Flaming Pumpkin Head!
This year was the best flaming pumpkin head ever!

Scary Monsters roam the swamp! Watch Out he bites!

Entrance to the swamp path....who knows what lurks beyond the gates.....

Dave the hunter grabbing my hubby Tom.... there were alot of Red Hat Ladies here that night!

S-I-L Zombie Mike and Me! The Swamp Queen!

Ghost that lights the night

I guess not everyone made it through the night!


  1. COOL pics Lynda! Looks like a wonderful party!!!

  2. How festive and fun your holiday looked! I definately plan on trick or treating at your house next year !!!!

  3. Lynda what great pictures and great decorations!!! Oh by the way, it appears you kept dry, lol.


  4. Looks like lots of fun Lynda! I love your ghost pumpkin. I had one but yours is really awesome!!