Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a lonely road... and change!

Some of you may have noticed...or not...that I have been missing, just not as active here and in groups. If you have missed me...thanks for missing me!
Alot of little things have been happening. All the little things added up and became heavey for me.
I have seemed to lost my ambition and started having a "I could give a crap' additude....this is all not good. I must pull myself out of this...winter is coming and it could get worse! Oh No!
One thing that has happened is I was beging to come out of the broom closet. With me peeking out here and there....well let's just say it hasn't gone well. So many are ignorent of any other ...let's call it.. religions, that they have no room for anything else other then what they beleive ( or seen on TV!). It is sad.... pepole have a closed mind to what others believe or think, and totaly the WRONG ideas! I am better inside my little world inside my little closet where it is safe, warm and welcoming. I am going to read more and learn more sitting in my closet as a world passes by with the door closed....I may crack it open just a little here and there. I am a Eclectic Solitary and that is the way I shall remain.

Something else is happening to the world around us, something is changing, something is coming. Alot of us are feeling it, but no one can pin point just what 'it' is. Some have even felt the impauls to store supplies. Foods with long shelf life, medical supplies, water and other emergency items. The overwhelming feeling of having to prepare. To prepare for what? Something is coming.... is it good or is it bad?

Also seems alot of people or cleaning out things, geting rid of things. I have no ambition to get any art done because I have a nagging voice telling me to simplify and organize. In 1/2 hour in my closet I have loaded the back of my minivan and carted it off to Goodwill. I have walked through my house with a box, tossing things in. I had that box filled in no time!


  1. closets are not a bad thing. When it comes to religion, that is where I remain. There are not enough open minded people in the world. =/

    I hope to follow your box example this evening!

  2. Aww hon..I have wondered. I am so sorry you have felt this way. There is nothing that I dislike more that people judging others..really gets me bent. Sometimes our closets are a good place to regroup though.. I totally understand that. The cleaning out thing..yeah me too. Hang in there hon..I'm here for you:)
    Hugs, Sarah

  3. I hope you feel better, too. I think we all go through times of change and sometimes getting rid of things lifts our spirits. The best to you!

  4. Friend, My heart is sad to hear that you are feeling down. I hope you feel better soon.
    I too feel changes. I know we all go through passages in our lifetime.
    I too was a big collector of things! but have slowly let go of them. It' a good feeling.
    Hurry back, we miss you!


  5. Do you have a dog? A pet really helps lift one's spirit. I know mine does that for me. I get such a kick out of that dog, he never fails to entertain me, even if he's doing nothing, just looking silly ;-) Laughter is good medicine, even if you can just laugh at yourself.

    I'm kind of like you in that I tend to stay to myself, because I do not have the patience to deal with I live my life with my animals in my "cottage" (apartment) and walk around the lake or go to the park for sunshine. Sunshine is a really good pick-me-up too. I didn't believe it and one day (I think it was winter) I was very down and I went outside to soak up just 30 minutes of sunshine and I felt so much better.
    Take care!
    Doris :-)

  6. Aw Linda, I noticed you've been 'silent' lately but had no idea you were in such a funk. I can totally relate to how you're feeling lately. Sending you healing energies and warm fuzzy hugs ~ email me anytime if you need to talk.

  7. I need a good cleansing of the house, its full of things I dont need, that clutter and weigh me down, and trip me up :).
    After you have done your clear out, try some sound cleansing with bells take them into the corners and ring them through your house, into closets and dark places, open all the windows and it makes a difference, don't matter if you think I'm, nuts, Yes I could be, just do it anyway.

  8. Sending you wishes for better things to come.

  9. Hello my friend... long time no see. I totally understand where you are and how you feel. I have put much of my art on the back burner. We our downsizing. Selling our home and getting a smaller one with neighbors and solar. We just sold our Van and now we are down to two cars. I am clean and we are researching to do upgrades to put our house on the market in Feb. I am getting rid of a lot of stuff. In the midst of dying parents, disabled kids and trying to get out from a stress laden/Financial burden does sometimes feel like the art thing is not all that important. What little I have held on too...does help me keep my sanity though. And I am making plans to get back to it...but I find those art plans are not as frivolous as they once were and far more meaningful.

    Sending you good energy and clarity your way.

    Many hugs!!

    Come on over and see me sometime!! Smiles...

  10. Thanks for all your kind words!
    I do have pets...cats! They are my Sweeties!
    Looking back over the many years, we will not count!....I think I just get into a funk during the time of Thanksgiving, Christmas (Yule) and New bear with me!