Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seasons Changing

I was searching in my photos and I found this! I always liked this one!

Halloween has come and will return! But I look around my little art room and Halloween is still with me!
I have managed to get all my Halloween Party decorations packed and stashed away for another year....heavy sigh.
Thanksgiving is fast approaching and Christmas has already taken over the stores! I went into a store over the weekend and got Christmas overload! But I did spy a large black Christmas tree....ohhhh it was sooo prety, and so was the price tag! Yikes!!!!!
As I was putting 'Halloween' away I poked around in some Christmas Gourds that I had done in what almost feels another like a life time! LOL! Bright colors, happy smiles, cute! I brought some upstairs and I think I'll list a few on Ebay. They sold very well at shows....Christmas Season shows! ...hmmmmm
You see I have to dig around because I have no ambition!
The weather is holding out and the sun has been shining! Leaves need to be raked, grasses need cut down. The days go by so fast.....slow down!
I need to be thinking about next Halloween and what I may do.... wish there were Halloween shows around here! Seems so far away....353 days! Maybe Salam, MS????? I will be thinking very hard on this!
Now I am starting to ramble.... I will say good night to you all till next long in!


  1. I know what you mean by the after-Halloween blues!! But thank goodness we're Halloween artists, just need to walk out to the studio to get my fix! :) And yes, you have to do Salem, MA some year, it was AMAZING!

  2. Wow, a black Christmas tree, that sounds interesting and it could be quite elegant looking when decorated...but I'm more the traditional gal and actually would prefer a real one if I didn't have that artificial one I use every year. It's just the right size and I enjoy it.
    I purchased a few after Halloween sales 50% off things for the kids to give instead of candy (little toys and spiders and such) and I'll just pack it with my Christmas stuff or else I'll never find it again...

    Happy Veteran's Day (what's left of it) and enjoy your evening!

  3. The leaf picture is beautiful!!! I want a black tree, pouting. Where did you find one of those??? Yepper the Halloween blues... I can't wait to see your Christmas gourds!


  4. This is very beautiful and inspiring, please post it on your blog down the side so you can see it all the time, I feel it will gladen your spirit and inspire you.Lindax