Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back....and with something new!

Well I'm back! Warning....if you go in for any stomach not cough!
Thanks to all of you wonderful people that sent healing thoughts and well wishes!

I got my brain cleared and listed this great Haunted Swamp House on Ebay last night!
I destroyed several gourds cutting just the right wedge in their bottoms to sit on top of the roof!
So.... this Halloween Gourd Head sits ontop ready to welcome you home! He he heeeee!

Lots of hours went into this one....tons of shading along with Spider webs, flying bats and Black Cats!
Take a look inside! There's Dancing Skelly doing his best 'Bone Rattle Dance'!
Here kitty, kitty, kitty...
Don't get too close! I think this guy bites!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'll be back soon....

Hi everyone!
I'll be back soon! Been busy trying to get things done....making work for myself I think!
Going in for some surgery the 15th... my good ol' Gall bladder is going bad.
I'll be fine...I won't feel a thing.... until I wake up... right?

But I have a ponder this....
(maybe boys don't do this where you live)
Why do the boys today wear their pants big and with their butt/boxer shorts hanging out?
I mean come on they have to walk around with one hand holding their pants up! Not to mention it looks stupid!

Can't wait to be back!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family ....Wednesday's Ponder This

Yes , yes I was going to do a Ponder this on Mondays....but I was still pondering this, so today will have to do.

I have been wondering about family.
You choose your friends not your family.
I try to accept my family for who they are. I wish they could do the same for me.
Family's are treasure boxes for some, Pandora's box for others.
Can you choose your family? A family of friends?

I have always felt like a stranger in my family. Am I a stranger with genes similar to theirs... or am I a stranger? I have always felt this way, always since I can remember.

I think that maybe, just maybe as I was getting ready to be born that I was so excited that I was jumping up and down and fell into the wrong family.

My family has no idea what I am about. Don't you think that strange? They have no basic concept of my likes, dislikes or talents. But boy oh boy can they gather rumors and lies! What is sad, oh so sad is that they nourish themselves on this and never seek a truth. Some will even walk past me as if I were a stranger, can you believe that!

Are all families like this? Is yours?
So what makes a family? Genes? Can someone be 'born' into the wrong family?

One of my Mothers last words to me... grabbing my hand... Your life has all been a lie. Now what the hell did that mean!?

Hump Day! Best intentions!

Everyday I wake with the best of intentions.....
My intention today? Get my Art/Computer room straightened out. Oh what I mess I have created!
My intentions yesterday? Get pictures taken of completed items... did I get it done? No! Not one!
I am going to do my best today to get something in this room done... I keep getting side tracked! That's why I am on here... got side tracked again!
I think I am going to make lables for EVERYTHING! I put things away and forget where away is!
One thing I have been doing is taking items into the area I take pictures....helps clear my Art room. Oh My do I have alot of completed things! \Part of me says....get it listed. The other voice in my head says...wait until closer to Halloween. OMG! I have a third voice saying...wait! Wait! List! List! List! Don't give it away - give it away and clear this room out. Yes, this voice argues with itself!
OK! OK! I have to go...I must do something in this room......