Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's getting close! 19 more days!

Holy-Moly where does the time fly? Stop and's almost the 4th of July. What happened here, did I fall asleep beside the old dead tree?
Ahhh I gave up trying to catch up... I'll just try to keep up!
If I had a swing this would be me, swinging away time....
I think Me and my sisters may have to gather around the fire and dance!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Count down...starts now!

This is my count down........on July 13 I will disappear for a little while.

I just now, as in just today realised I will be down and out as Halloween listing time approaches!

Trying to get a few things lined up...and...oh girls this is the good part.... get hubby trained to list, wrap, and send items....? That is ship then if I have any sale!

I don't want to shut either of my Etsy stores, so what's a person to do!

Hubby is all worried I'll die! OMG! I am much to rotten to die!

Then he says...I know you are going to fall down and break something when you have to use that walker... Yes, ok I will admit I am a klutz.

I gave in and got a cane over the weekend, he insisted. Geeezzz men! But it is's got a interesting blue design. I feel weird out in the public using it....blah!
SO now I must run and try to get some things done. Things that will bug the heck out of me if they are left..... undone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I think I can....I think?

Well what a month...June aready?! Holy Moly where does the time go?
Well I know my time is all messed up....I'm on drugs! What! You ask... she's a druggy!!? Oh No!
These are all perscription... don't worry! But they do have a way of putting me in "a fog".

I have been sorting gourds. Planting gourds. Thinking about painting gourds. Wondering what I am ever going to do with all these gourds.........

This year I have had some bad luck germinating those gourds! But, I found some little seedlings growing out near the edge of the swamp (like how I tossed that in!). This will be a surprise gourd crop this year! I have a feeling they are eggs and mini spinners. But, hey! Who knows!

Trying to get so much done before surgery! I think I'm just going to give that idea up!
I did get the little gourdies transplanted, a few tomatoes, yard long and pole beans planted. I also planted two grape vines in the gourd arbors. Catnip is now fenced completly in.... we had a bunce of very high, stagering, rolling cats in the yard. My poor plant was nothing but a stub!
Got some new fish for the pond. How can 40+ feeder goldfish dissapear? Figure I'ld start with a 'few' and see how many grow.

And everyone that has been asking.... (THANKS FOR ASKING) Yes, I am in Ohio. Yes, I am fine. Tornados have been sliding south and north of us. We are getting some high winds and lots of rain. Rain is good, because I don't have to drag my hose out to water. Draging that hose is a drag! But dear Hubby has to mow more.... man is that grass growing fast!