Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Etsy 10% code....wowwweeeeee!

Etsy has come up with a great thing! Discount codes! Now this code dicounts the purchase price not the shipping...great! And it's not just for one item it's for the whole purchase...good or bad, I'm good with it!

Each shop has their own code, this is not for everyone's shop!

So next time you visit a Etsy shop check it out and see if they have a discount code.

The discount code for Mellowmoonstudio.etsy.com (mine) is Mellow201010 for 10% off! I will have this code in use untill at least Jan. 1, 2011.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter ACEO Prints *Winter is near!*

I've been updating my Haunted Swamp Designs Etsy store with some 'not so spooky' ACEO prints. Please come and visit me..... lots of 'eye candy'!

Winter is coming to the woods. The snow is falling and with the light from the full moon the snow is so bright!

Come walk along the shore of a the creek
nestled in the woods on a cold crisp day!

Wouldn't you love to be here! Winter in a warm house tucked into the woods while a beautiful full moon rises and shines on the snow!
I see you peeking out the window! LOL!


Oh Heavey sigh.... I don't think I'm very interesting.. :-)