Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did you miss me?

I am brushing off the cobwebs and visiting some blogs for one hour.... I have to limit my time or I'll get comsumed, lose track and....... well you know. I'll sit here, and sit here and never get anything done. Soon I'll get side tracked and who knows where I'll land! I spent the weekend in Chicago and it was COLD! I am not a city girl! I was so happy to get back home to the more open spaces and fewer people!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's new? This Ghouls for you!

Who is this peeking out at you?

He's reaching for you!

It's Little Boo Riding Hood.... the gourdy Ghost of Red Riding Hood?
Now on Ebay!

Monday, March 7, 2011

January and February...where have they gone!

Snowed again, just when it looked like spring had arrived. Well it arrived for a few days! I like snow, but I think I have had enough!
Here in Ohio we have had flood warnings and more flood warnings and floods!
I was going to take a little walk back into the 'Haunted Swamp' to gather a few willow branches. I am not walking in 4 inch deep freezing water to get anything!
I spent most of this 'cold' time saying I needed to clean out my art/computer room and get rid of some of this 'stuff'. 'Stuff" I bought with all the good intentions in the world.....
Did I....?
It's all sitting here looking at me! I really need to declutter...this room! The rest of my house is uncluttered, why do I have such problems with this room!
Another thing I have had all the time in the world to create and paint...did I....? NO!
Am I complaining..? YES!
January and February flew past like the days had wings and took flight! And March is flying by too! Oh My!
How's your time doing?
And don't you think February is spelt funny?