Sunday, May 29, 2011 more day! Happy Weekend!

So did you? Did you join in to the give away?

It's the week end and rains has caused high humidy! I'm not a real lover of high temps or humid weather. But I'm not the type to be just sitting around vegging out, I need to be doing something! Spent the morning running. Sears, friends, gas station (ugh), found two dwarf cherry trees, and stopped for a cold coke too! Way to hot to plant them right now, they will wait...

I need to get som cleaning done in the pond. Hmmm hot day - cool water - jump in?
Need to cut down a 15-20 dogwood that just died. Had flowers and croaked.

And being it's a holiday weekend... it will wait too!

I have burgers and hotdogs to grill and deserts to eat so I must run!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Sitting here's been a long time since I've had a GIVE AWAY!
So... here it is! This is my Storm Voodoo - Hoodoo Doll.

We were having so much rain.... and I'm sick of it! I made this little doll, poked needles in it, talked to it, and told those nasty dark rain filled clouds and lighting to GO AWAY!
And it worked!!!! Today the sun is shining!
So it's time for the Storm Chaser doll to travel on to a new home.... yours!
So jump in for a chance to have him as your own. Got rain? Scared of storms? Hate thunder and lightening? Hoping it will all go away?

Post a comment and follow me and on June 1st one name will be drawn to win this nasty little fellow... nasty? Yes, he's a Stormy doll... LOL! But he'll chase away those storms... I hope!

Please post on your Blog and spread the word!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello... This week....... Turkey!

What a week...rain, rain.... and more rain. And it's just not any ol' rain, it COLD! I can go out and transplant in rain but not this stuff! But today the sun is peeking out... from between those clouds and I am going out to divide and transplant some Hostas!

I had to go out and tent some of my gourd plants. Between the cold and all this rain...... well they my catch cold!.... or rot!

But I think spring is here! Most trees are in full leaf, grass needs mowed again.

...And I am seeing some unexpected wildlife in my yard!
This morning a Wild Turkey was poking around!

If you are in need of some Haunted Swamp Egg gourds drop me a line or visit my EBay auctions!

Seller name.... Hauntedswampdesigns.

I am out of here...need to make more Hostas!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bluebirds and Blueberries! Tiered Gardens too!

I know this isn't a real good picture but, I have Bluebirds! After many years of watching and waiting... they are here! Either the Chick-a-dees or wrens nest in my Bluebird boxes, but a Bluebird found them this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!

This is right where I am going to plant my five new Blueberry bushes too!

Happy Day!!!!!!

We got the frame work of this tiered raised garden done! Was not easy with all the rain! We had this slope in our yard and this is where I thought something like this would work the best, and easy to put in too!

Finally the dirt came! I dump truck full!!! Now that's a lot of dirt! And it was alot of shoveling too!

This is not where I will be planting my gourds, I have arbors for them. And some will be planted to climb the small arbor that you see here with the star on it....someday to be the chicken yard..... I am going to try that square foot gardening. Wish me luck!