Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Magikal Seasons Give Away

Took some time and went blog cruising... and what did I find!
A Magikal Autumnal Apple Give Away!
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30 DAYS!

Oh My Halloween is only 30 days away!

Dear Bloggers,
I am so sorry if I haven't visited your blogs, I do love reading everyones blog! I just can't keep up! I am going to have to find a way to get to all your wonderful blogs. Time management and headaches keep me away and away from the things I like to do! One of my fav's is blog surfing!
So when I have time I'll be back again and again and again!

Saturday, September 26, 2009's coming!!!!

Oh my I have been so busy! Busy and not feeling I am getting anything done!

I have been trying to get something listed on EBay everyday...... come check it out!

I can't beleive Halloween is almost here! I have soooo much to do! Party plans are swallowing me up....panic time!

Please! Please let the weather be good...dry, and not freezing with rain or snow!

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The ghost in the Alley

There was this alley way behind the old school. Everyone said it was haunted. Haunted by a young girl who was found murdered in that very alley. A vengeful soul the old folk say. Everyone avoided the small alley as dusk night fell.

Some say you could here screams at night if the wind was just right.

One night as a group of teens were out, they goated George, the new kid to go around back of the old building. He came running back ....saying he had seen a young girl standing there in the alley! He said hi, but she faded away! Everyone froze, no one said a word. George asked....because he was new to town, if anyone knew who she was, a look flash between them.

Maybe George had heard the stories?

Well if no one will answer me I'll go ask her myself.... away he went disappearing from sight. No one tried to stop him, no one really believed the stories.

Oh he'll just get scared and come running back they thought.

At that moment a horrible scream came from where George had disappeared to in the alley.
They all looked and huddled together in fear. Maybe George was just playing around trying to trick them?

They George. They called his George. Gathering up their courage they went , very slowly to the alley calling his name. They were met by a unnatural coldness and a blinding white light.

There they saw the body of George laying in a pool of blood, his throat had been ripped open. Above him hovered a semitransparent figure of a young girl blood dripping from her open mouth. She glared at the group of teens eyeing them. Letting out a howl she vanished in a brilliant flash of light.

George gasped his last breath and died. The teens ran....shaking, screaming! The police came to deal with the body and listened to the story of the the teen about the girl behind the school. So many witnesses, they were convinced that maybe the stories were true. There was a ghost behind the school in the haunted alley.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Inn

This Fridays spooky story is

The Inn

As we were preparing for a much needed vacation to visit a nice little town on the coast the sky was starting to darken. Looked like we were going to be driving right into a storm.

About an hour into our drive it started to rain. First it was just a sprinkle, suddenly it turned into a downpour! We had the windshield wipers going as fast as they could and they couldn't keep up!

As the thunder cracked and lighting filled the sky we decided to pull over somewhere and wait the storm out. We were in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly in a flash of lightening we noticed a Inn up the road ahead.

We pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a cozy farmhouse. It was so strange, the parking lot was empty. As we grabbed a few suitcases and ran for the front porch a kind-looking man, the innkeeper, he opened the door and invited us in. The soft glow of candles, the warm crackle of a fireplace made us feel at home.

We settled into our rooms and soon fell asleep. We woke the next morning to the sound of birds singing, looking out the window the sun was shinning.

Everything was so quite otherwise. We went downstairs and the room was deserted. Wanting to get back on the road we left money to cover our stay with a note thanking the innkeeper.

We drove a few miles and stopped to grab a bite to eat and get gas. The attendant starting chatting. "You didn't drive thought that terrible storm we had last night, did you?"

" Yes we did. But it got so bad we stopped at the Inn a few miles back and stayed the night."

The attendant turned and looked at us with a puzzled look. "You don't mean the old farmhouse up the road?"

"Yes, that's the place."
"Well that's impossible. That place burnt down last winter."

Not believing the man we drove back to the Inn we had stayed at the night before. There was no farmhouse, only the charred remains of what was once a farmhouse. Stepping out of the car to have a closer look, we stepped through where the front door once stood. There on the burnt remains of a table we were shocked to see our thank you note still sitting there!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I have made a box for DREAMS!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween Queens - give away

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ghost at the Piano

This Friday Night Ghost story is named


Felice awoke to the sound of Beethovens Moonlight Sonata wafting it's way up from the inn's conservatory. SHe had just checked in two hours ago, bleary eyed from the four hour drive en route to her next concert in Seattle. All she really wanted to do was get some sleep before she finished the journey in the morning, so who in the world would be playing downstairs at 3:00 a.m.?

Finally irritated enough to drag herself out of bed, Felice padded down the master staircase and across the main hall to the doorway of the conservatory. She frozethere, her eyes irresistibly anchored on the handsome man at the piano. He didn't seem quite of this ara in his vintage tuxedo and slicked back hair, Felice vaguely wondered if he was an actor who put on shows in the inn's hayday in the roaring twenties. Indeed, there was even a glass of gin on the top of the piano.

Without a sound from Felice, the manup as though he had expected to see her therr all along. "Hello Felice, I've been waiting for you...for quite some time." Felice was mesmerized by his deep black eyes, and felt compelled to move toward the piano.

"You and I have a duet to play, Felice. Come sit an the bench beside me." Felice found she couldn't resist the man's command, and she slowly sank into the bench next to him. A sudden shiver overtook her as she felt a distinct chill in the air.

"Put your fingures on the keys, Felice", the man gently coaxed with a predatory gleam in his eyes. As if of her own volition, Felice's hands reached for the keyboard and settled there ready for the next command.

"Now play. You know the tune." Felice hesitated, but her hands no longer obayed her, and they began to play the sonata that had drawn her down the stairs. The man fell into accompaniment, and as they played, both figures slowly faded out of sight.

That was Felice's final performance.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sorry for being one day late! Had a ton of unpleasant stuff happen yesterday...and on top of all that my camera was taken.... that person will get their's in the end!

Ok so now with the drawing.... reaching into my bag. If I had my camera I could take a picture of this happening!
Stirring the paper up, shaking bag......
And the paper reads.....


Congratulations Mrs B. !!!

Pssst....need your address!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Spooky Stories #1

The crisp feel of fall is in the air..... Halloween is drawing near.
From now till Halloween each Friday I will post a spooky story for all to read!
Are they real stories? Only the spirits know for sure.
Todays spooky story is:

Behind the Tombstone

The old tombstone was begining to crumble, but it looked as good a site as any to set up. Aiden and Mark set the recorder on the ground between them and scanned the darkened cemetery with their flahlights. There wasn't a sign of a caretaker, and they hadn't really expected to see one given the dilapated state of the graveyard.

" Turn it on and let's begin" Aiden said. Mark flipped the recorder switch on, and Adins questioning began.

"Is there anyone with us tonight?" Nothing filled the silence except a slight scritch-scritch from somewhere behind the stone. Unperturbed, Aiden asked the next question.

"Can you you tell us your name?" Again the only sound was a scritch-scritch.

"Can you show yourself?" As before, just a scritch-scritch from behind the stone.

"Are you afraid of us?", asked Aiden. This time there was no Scritch-scritch,but the atmosphere suddenly seemed thick and malevolent. Neither young men noticed the towering dark shodow that rose from behind the tombstone until it was too late. The darkness swooped down and engulfed them until neither one could see the other, and just as suddenly, Aiden, Mark and the black shadow venished into the ground.

The next morning when the old caretaker showed up, he found a recorderlaying on the ground in front of the tombstone. He turned it on, and in the silence that followed each of Aiden questions, you could now here the following replies.

"Yes... I am always here."
"My name is never spoken by your kind, but it is very old."
"I'll show myself, but it is the last thing you'll ever see..."
"You are mine!"

The caretaker quietly pocketed the recorder, looking around to assure himself he was truly alone. He took the only evidence that anyone had been at the stone and tossed it in the pile with the rest back at the tool shed.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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