Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy and cold Sunshine

Saturday I did a small showing at a Pagan Earth Day Fest. All went well except for it being cold and wet! I had to leave early, about 2:30 to attened to other day plans.
And now.....

Well it's Tuesday night...in one minute it will be Tomorrow morning!
Sunshining so bright today...looked warm. Then I went outside...no, not one bit warm!
Turned right around and went back inside! But later in the day..after I went a cleaned a house.... I got all inspired, knee didn't hurt much...and away I went. Since I had to redo the plumbing for my pond it is all in disawray. Moved stones and moved more stones! We put in a small Lotus pond...it holds seven bags of garden dirt and one wheelbarrel of garden dirt....then planted my new Georgia Pink Queen Lotus into the mud! And if that wasn't enough, I repotted 4 waterlilies too. I think I have 2 more to do...water was so muddy I couldn't see where they were.... so that will be for another day.
It feels so good to got something accomplished!!!
Now it's that time...time to go to bed and start a new day...in the morning!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Back GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Seems my interent was picking and choosing what I could get on...sometimes I could jump on Ebay and aways could get on Face Book and Etsy, never here!
So as a I am back party I am going to have a GIVEAWAY.
Oh this one will be a surprise I am sure...and no picture! That would give away the surprise to the winner!

Have you ever wanted to try something with a gourd? Paint it? Shake it? Sculpt it?
Well now's your chance!!!

I am GIVING AWAY a 12x12x8 Priority Box of GOURDS!
Big ones, little ones, eggs, bananas... all kinds of gourds!
Whatever I can fit into that box!
......... Oh the other surprise....you get to clean them!!!! Yes that's right they will need cleaned!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

SUNDAY MAY SECOND...in the evening I will pull a name!!!!I hope it's yours!!!

Add you name to the comments and tell a friend...lets see how many names we can get!
It would be so nice if you could follow me too if you haven't already!

BTW did I tell all of you I have a second store on Etsy? No? Well I will now! Check out .....

Well what are you waiting for...get your name on the list!!!!!

Good luck....I going to start packing gourds in that box!