Friday, October 23, 2009


Oh My! I am soooo EXCITED and HONORED!!! I can hardley type!!!!!
This has made my whole whole whole month!
To my great surprise my art is on the cover of Ye Olde Witches Brew magizine!!!!! And it is one of my favorite paintings!
I am giddy with excitement!!!!!! Please check it out!!!!
Even if you arn't the 'witchy' type you'll find some wonderful reading there!


  1. Congratulations! That is very cool! I love that painting too!!


  2. Congrats! I saw this a few days ago! Very cool! :)

  3. congrats...thats an awesome painting so happy for you

  4. Conratulations! Love your work, and I am very happy for you that it will be seen by many others!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! Well deserved recognition.


  6. Congrats Lynda, it is an amazing painting and an amazing article!!! Loved it!!

    Sure hope your party plans are going well too!!!


  7. Oh, how exciting - Congratulations !!!

    Something similar happened to my friend who paints and she was driving along one day and saw one of her flower paintings used in a banner to advertise her city's art fest...and I'm just wondering, how can that happen? I mean, not that you would mind the exposure, but how can someone just take your art and use it without your knowleadge like that? - and hopefully, you are getting paid for it, right? ... or how does this work. I'm sorry, I'm just curious! I'm not in the loop with that sort of thing - but it's wonderful exposure, my gosh, you are a celebrity now! That would have me all shook up too...

    I'm happy for you, but I'd still like to know how that works! (Inquiring minds want to know!) ha!

    Happy weekend!

  8. I looked at the magazine, but the colors of your painting are different than here - did they change it? How can that be?

  9. Sometimes it's just the way the monitor display blues. Sometimes I do some artwork and when I scan it it comes out purple!

    I gave The Magizine permission to use my artwork. The exposior is well worth it....and it's a great magizine too! SO full of wonderful articles!

    I am still excited! Printed out the cover and I am framing it!