Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three Days!

Halloween excitement is building here, I just can't wait for the big day, another part of me doesn't want it to end.... it's the whole season I enjoy, and the waiting for the party ....well hubby says I strees out! I'm off to the store this afternoon to pick pop and other odds and ends!Seems to be always something!
We don't get any trick or treaters in our neighborhood, houses are to far apart and it's a dead end loop.
I remember going Trick or Treatinig... we would get a pillow case for our candy and off we'ld go. Today just a little bucket will do. Anyone else remember the good 'ol days of Trick or Treat?!!

I don't have anything listed on eBay at the moment,there's just too much to do here!

But this morning I was thinking I should vamp up my jewlery on Etsy for the Christmas Holidays..... but until my party I won't be doing anything but 'party' stuff! But there's just sooo much outdoor fall stuff to do in my yard! Last night I looked at all those leaves...oh yes, they are pretty....I got the mower out and mowed them!LOL!

Three days!!!!
Oh My!!!!!!!!! We wait all year just for this day!!!!!!
I have been taking some pictures...yes, yes, I will share them soon!
I want to try to get pictures for everyone of a walk into the swamp, should be fun!


  1. It sounds like a fun night is planned. I have to work on Halloween but I doubt we have any trick or treaters since we are out in the country and no kids nearby.

    I remember the days we would go. My brothers and I would take off for the entire neighborhood and come home with a pillowcase full. Those were the days when you didn't have to worry about what you got in your bag.

    Have fun!

  2. Hope you have a great time! I remember trick or treating from house to house with no worries about who was lurking out there. Times have changed. Of course in this area they call it "Fall Festival" as Halloween is the devil's night.

  3. Anticipation is just as a big thing as actually being in the midst of the event! I never had Halloween because we didnt' do that in Germany, but when my daugher was little, I enjoyed helping her make her costumes and either taking her Trick or Treating or to a Halloween Party for the kids. I love Halloween and I think it's just one great big excuse to "dress up"...he, he, he...my favorite costume was a witch (must've been the closest to my own personality ;-) ...but a good witch :-) I love rustling through the leaves. Ours have not fallen yet - I'm still waiting, but thus far they look green and juicy and not even ready to turn color.
    I'm going to give out fingerpuppets to the kids this year instead of candy. I crocheted them myself and look very cute. I remember last year I gave some plastic creepy crawlers along with the candy and the kids liked them the best...I like the little tots when they come toddling up the door in their halloween costumes the best! I can't wait to take pictures of them. They come by the trainful - literally - some guy has a little tractor and attaches some wagons and drives them around because we live in the country and it does get pitch black with hardly any streetlights out there...
    I know you'll be busy planning yor party, but if you remember, can you stop over at my blog between tomorrow and the 31st? I'm having a Trick or Treat Giveaway!!!!


  4. Lynda, sounds like a scream!!! Oh yeah, a pillowcase and 3 - 4 hours later lots of treats. I wish I could still go Trick or Treating!! Have a great week and lots of fun. Can't wait to see the pictures.