Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ohhh Soooo Spooky!!!!! The life of a Haunted Swamp Gourd

I listed this fellow last night!
I love using my gourds but, at the same time I hate seeing them leave my home!
This gourd has spent about 2 years in my loving care.
From seed to Halloween Ornament!
First year of life he went from seed to a little seedling.
The vine grew and grew , then one day a flower appeared!
A little baby gourdlet was being created!
As the spring and summer marched on, the little gourdlet got bigger and bigger!
August came and he was all grown up.... well almost!
September and October came, it got colder, then a frost!
Oh My!
All the vines looked dead! But there in the mess there he was.
The vine browned, it was time to be picked!
He layed out in the weather all that winter.
Spring came with rains and warmer weather,
awwww the feel of the sunshine drying him out more.
He was moved to a dryer spot to continue his journey.
As summer came he was almost dry....almost.
He got to see the new life of more gourds begin, just like he did.
Then he was checked again, shaken and looked at from top to bottom.
He was dry! Off to a nice hot bath!
He got to linger for alittle while soaking the grime and dirt from his shell.
Awwww what a nice soak....then..... Lynda comes in with a copper scrubby!
Oh Nooooo!
She adds more soap and starts scrubbing, rinsing, scrubbing.
Look ! All nice and clean...... hmmmm what's that I smell?
Dunk, dunk, dunk. Swish, swish, swish.
A bleach bath!
Lynda takes me out and lays me on a nice dry towel..... I feel so clean!
Now a new life begins.... Lynda sets me on her art table and looks me over and applies some paint.
I whisper to her.... "I wanna' be a Halloween Ornament."
She looks me over again, awww she thinks "this would make a fine Halloween Ornament!"
She paints and designs and paints some more. Hours and days go by.
She adds beads and foo-foo to make me all pretty.....but I am still scary!
She holds me up and nods her head and gives me a twirl then I hear.
I think this one is done!


  1. Aww...this was so sweet!

    And he looks FABULOUS! :)


  2. Lynda, what a great story!!! I love to hear how a creation comes to life and this one was wonderful it truly gives the vision that your creations just don't happen in a short few hours and that to be true masterpieces it takes a lot of time and love of what you do. He is quite handsome.


  3. very cool Lynda,
    I know what you mean......I have gourds here too, that I just don't do anything with....though I should :)