Sunday, October 25, 2009

Searched and Found!

5 Days till Halloween....time flies when good times are soon to come!
Halloween Parties and ohhhh the CANDY! Oh My!
I had these ornies hanging here beside me, and I knew I had taken a picture of them.....

But , I am not computer dear hubby is....and I hate to ask him....but I broke down...... I called for help!

He puts some of my pictures everywhere...He works with graphic design. I need things SIMPLE.. like all in one place! After 2 hours of searching I did find their pictures (I did have help)! I don't know how or where but they were found!
I placed these on Etsy last night...or was it this morning? Oh My I am so lost!
You get that way after 50!
Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself!


  1. Shoot, I'm that way now and I haint reached 50 yet! LOL. Oh you're alright, just the rest of the world that's all messed up. That's what my hubby swears to. Your gourd critters are awesome! Carol

  2. I just adore your gourd ornaments, and that kitty one is calling my name LOL *hugs*Brialee