Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting I crazy!?

Well....I started pulling all the Halloween party decorations out! Am I crazy??? I don't even know where to begin this year! The weather seems so unpredictable... is it going to be rainy, cold, wet, dry, too cold..... or just right for a outside party? Where do I begin!??!!
I have ..... 14 bins and three plies of Halloween stuff! That's not counting the 30+ tombstones!
I am hoping for dry weather, it can be chilly but dry!
Where, oh where do I begin?


  1. You'll figure it all out...I have no doubt. :)

  2. Wow Linda LOL that sounds like quiet the job! I am sure you will have fun doing it, you will have to show us some pictures when you are done. Hope the weather holds up for you :)